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Meh. [28 Oct 2010|08:46pm]
Sigh. Been really busy with school and don't want to deal with anything else atm. It always feels like I'm going uphill with the amount of work to do. *mope*

Please disregard this post really... I just wanted to say it out loud.

[02 Jun 2010|04:22am]
Hm... I have about ~250 pages of reading I need to finish by 3pm tomorrow.. whoo hoo!!.... I might be able to get away with just 100-150...

I spent all weekend hanging out with one of my best friends who joined the military early this year and is now off for 4 years of contracted service... I'm sad I won't be able to hang out with him that much anymore, since he's going overseas (at least it's Okinawa).

I have an exam this Saturday, so no Loliday for me... need to start fishing for interest and/or planning FF concert meet up... consider going to Otakon... consider other meet up ideas....

Also, this Saturday, having dinner with my father who I haven't seen in years, with his new girlfriend and said I could bring any friends I wanted and seemed rather retrospective about about his past relationship with my mom (seen more positively now) and my ex-stepmother (urgh?). I wonder how my half sister is doing.

Basically, I'm still wondering how I haven't lost my mind yet.

3 weeks of (my 9 credit in 5 week) classes to go! *puts funny farm on speed dial, just in case*

P.S. I did write a paper out of my lolita fashion survey results.. but I'm only so-so satisfied with it.. and yet I get the feeling I'm not strongly motivated/have time to fix it just yet... not sure if anyone would be interested in reading it, haha, it's pretty bare bones boring in a way! If I just had time to fix it to make it more interesting....
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Haaay Guuuyzzz [21 Apr 2010|09:24pm]
If you're a lolita fashion enthusiast, want to do me a favor and answer my survey? XD I'd really thankful if you did! (It's for my Globalization of Japanese Culture class)

"There's 18 questions, 6 of which are open answer. I know that open ended questions take much longer to answer and I don't want to discourage anyone, so even if it's a short answer or no answer, I would be really happy. Thank you for your time! m(_ _)m"

Here is the survey link!

Thanks :D
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Today [28 Mar 2010|03:30pm]
I think I'm miserable with school. I want to sleep normally. I want a vacation...

[08 Mar 2010|06:14pm]
Ugh. I don't know what to do. Ever since February, I've been trying to muster up the energy to organize a meet up, but I've been busy with the snow and the school.
And then there's the tea and tour in March. Every time I think about it.... I have a class at 12, that's suppose to run until 1:15, but usually never does. The guy is really strict about being on time, and bugs you even though you come in one or two minutes before 12, and starts a little before 12. So it's really stressful trying to think about how I'll go to class and then go to the tea, or to skip it altogether and worry about pissing the guy off (he's really ancient... like... 70 at least.. maybe 80...).. although when I think about it, it's not like he'll call someone out for being absent.. just my attendance/participation score.. although, I think it's really weird how he considers sharing notes "cheating". If someone is absent for the whole term, sure, but if they're absent once or twice, that's stupid to me.
Ugh, ugh, ugh.
Also, I'm doing a project on lolita fashion and sociology for my globalization of Japanese culture class :\ and I'm supposed to try to do some research of my own, but I don't know how that will fare. I hope people will be volunteer their views with me.
;____; there's always too much to doooo. For my fun time, I've been working on translating/playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side. It's really fun, but I've probably been doing too much of that and not enough of the 80-100 page readings I should have been doing every week (20-30 for global affairs, 30 for east asian political economy, 40-60 for japanese culture) or the meet up planning that I wanted to do but felt too tired to, lol.

Story of people's lives, need more time to do everything they want.

At least I won't die bored, ahahahahaha!
I wonder if the ice rink is still open, it's been so warm lately ;o; omggggg *die*
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[17 Feb 2010|01:00pm]
.... I'm so exhausted between school and shoveling snow. ._. Okay, so maybe I've also been playing too much too. Tee hee.
Blah, class in a few, gotta read... :( so I'm thinking, ice skating.. still not sure where yet.. ice skating before season closes, then board games meet, since the cathedral meet is late in the month... -o-; I might not go again to the cathedral... depends on my class schedule..
Okay, will start on that after class today perhaps ._. so tired.
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[02 Feb 2010|12:10am]
;_____; OMG, I spend so much time at GMU now (more like commuting there). I want more meeee tiiiimeeeeeeee.
I'm making new friends though :3 lots of fun.
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The Lolita Meme~ [07 Jan 2010|06:40pm]
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[07 Jan 2010|10:37am]
In other news, I'm going to model in T-Mode's Japanese Fashion Show this Sunday. It's gotten so popular, they're having a second showing now Xd; Whee!

I kind of always wanted to model in a fashion show, but I noticed I'm not photogenic XD
I mean, I think I'm cute.. but man... I make the weirdest poses/faces, lol. And I slouch sometimes XD;

;_; Okay, I hope I will put on a good show though. Maybe meet people and network.
>_> And level up for that lolita meme. Oh yeaahh. *dork*

P.S. I think they're still looking for models if you're interested D:!!
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[07 Jan 2010|10:21am]
[08:06:11] sciel> http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-8x-49-en-15-Taiga-70-3jr9.html
[08:09:36] Dashiva> If that was a figure of kalisa, it would be 1/1

Beep trees, I climb buoys, mothertrucke.... [06 Jan 2010|12:35am]
blablablablabla, I gleefully expel my whineCollapse )

I was switching around camera cards (I have a decent amount of photos I need to get sorted out...) when I noticed one of my pictures from Norway.. it was from a lunch cruise, and my immediate first thought was...

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[01 Jan 2010|11:31am]
Happy New Year, guys.

Also, whoever called me at 4 in the morning to which I didn't answer.
If I find out who you are, I'm going to start my new year with throttling you. :)
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[26 Dec 2009|09:36am]
I can't tell if I slept 6 or 8 hours. All I know is I fell asleep after coming home from work, then doing some small things.

I feel tired and I am getting a bit peeved at all the stuff I have to do. I still have to pick up my friend from VA Beach this weekend.

....... this is why I leave for other countries.

P.S. I wasn't sick at all when I was out of town, despite it being in the 10s Fahrenheit... but now that I'm home, I think I might have a cough. Why so unlucky, always in December.

If you're a shitty tipper, don't mention it to me, assprick. [25 Dec 2009|10:06pm]
Car is usable. Has defrost. Don't have definite plans. Everyone else has family plans. = Me working. After my lovely days at the airport. Also, I haven't slept 8 continuous hours for 4 days.

Christmas Eve - great, no tips under 4$, except for the kids who paid in exact change. "Oh! Let me goget two pennies instead of any of the dimes I have in my hand right now!"

Christmas Day - It's raining. It's still icy. The roads are still bumpy. It's hard to read house numbers. It's CHRISTMAS. WHY DO SOME PEOPLE TIP ME LIKE MY JOB IS EASY? I got some bigger tips to make up for it though and still had pretty good Christmas haul.

I just... don't need money.. and don't want to work today.... It's Christmas... I think my time should be at a good premium... So I just feel more offended by some of the total shit tips. Seriously, you think it's easy to haul THREE bags to your goddamn house, 70$ of food, and you give me 4$? Yes, you're old, but I also see you have 2 able adult children.

>_> Oh well, it wasn't that bad. I just needed to rant a little bit. But like my friend recently said, delivering is an emotionally tumultuous job. Sometimes you get a windfall and other times you get 3, 2 and 1.50 tip for driving in the snow. Yes, the snow.

Airpooortsss + Pick a T~ [23 Dec 2009|09:41pm]
I was already screwed from the beginning. The flight that could have connected with any flights going across the Atlantic wasn't available when I first booked. So I enjoyed a lovely 16 hour layover at HAmsterdam. Plus a few delays here and there. Which is gigaaantic x_o;; (edit: I meant Schiphol Airport is gigantic. Lol. So many gates. And takes like 20 min to walk from one set to the other.. probably would take an hour on foot to go from one end to the other...) Could barely sleep. Oh well, will recover tonight!
Total time spent in airports/airplanes: ~2 at Vaernes, ~2 to Schiphol, ~17 at Schiphol, ~8 to Detroit, ~2 at Detroit, ~1 to Regan = 32 hours. Also, I didn't sleep before I left for Vaernes. Lol, I am the Million Dollar.... .. Thrifting Passenger.

BTW!!! For those coming to tea this Saturday, could you please pick a tea from the menu? Apparently, I need to specify which XD;; Sorry!

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December Gift Exchange + Tea [19 Dec 2009|12:50pm]
I know some of you don't watch the nova_lolitas comm that much...

So if you were interested in December Gift Exchange + Tea, please RSVP here:

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[13 Nov 2009|07:25pm]
My game plan. Stand at ticketing area from 11:45-12. Then rush over to Pavilion Cafe and get anyone else. X_X HOPEFULLY WILL WORK.

Oh me! Hahahaha!
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[04 Nov 2009|05:59pm]
;_; always praying that meet up goes off well.
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Organizing [03 Nov 2009|09:42pm]
Meet up survey draft...

"Would you guys like to also go to the National Gallery of Art? vivcore could put together a tour of paintings for us frilly friends~ And I really want to try eating at the American Indian Museum."

D: Or should I divide into two meet ups?
It's about 10 min walk between theatre and cupcakes/yogurt; cupcakes + yogurt and m

Read more...Collapse )

@O@! I want to do them all, but I don't want to tire people out... *still working out kinks*

-o-; alas, I must go.. *works on later tonight>*
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[31 Oct 2009|11:32am]
It came as an afterthought that I kept forgetting to post about...
but maybe I should have made a warning about smoke..... ... I don't think there'll be as much smokers during daytime... :( I hope not. *cry*

edit: Yay, it wasn't smoky!
Had a good time :3
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